Pebbles arranged from various river beds provide a rustic flooring like nothing else. Sizes available are 400x400x40 mm, 300x300x60 mm and 300x300x25 mm

Granulated Tiles

They come with a rugged rustic finish implanted by carefully selected granite / stone chips and have high abrasive value making it best option for high traffic areas as in malls, amusement parks, bus depots etc. This finish is available in our paving blocks too so thickness available is from 25-80mm.

The Chequered

The traditional tiles available in variety of bright colours, patterns, textures and sizes. Useful in sit out, terrace water proofing, walkway, porch, connecting areas etc.

  • 300x300x25 mm

Most elegent and unique tiles from our innovative collection. We are first and perhaps only one making them in Northern India. Chemically treated so nonabsorbent for any kind of stains. Recommended for pedestrian traffic in places like restaurants, pubs, discotheques, malls, lobby area, hotels etc. The thickness of tiles is 25mm and sizes 300*300mm / 200*200mm / 100*100 mm

  • 300*300*25mm
  • 100*100*25 mm