Pavers has approx. 22 diffrent sizes of kerbstones and edgestones available. this huge range enables excellent design possibilities for urban infrastructure. Long, tall, thick, slim, dotted kerbstones - we have it all.

Special Kerbstones

They fulfill typical design requirements of landscape architects.

  • S1 (Interlocking Kerbs)
  • S2
  • S3
  • S4 300*300*125 mm (Dotted)
  • S5 (900x450x150/75mm) Surmountable Kerbstone Cum channel (DLF Gardencity)

Tapered Kerbstones

  • K1- 300x300x100 mm
  • K2- 300x180x150 mm
  • K3 - 300x250x150 mm
  • K4- 300x300x150 mm
  • K5- 300x200x125/75 mm
  • K5- 600x250x150 mm
  • K6- 600x150x75 mm
  • K7- 750x200x150 mm
  • K8- 900x300x150 mm
  • K9- 600x200x150mm
  • K10- 300x300x150 mm
  • K11- 300x450x150mm (Supertech Hilltown)
  • K12- 300x350x160 mm (Mountable)
  • K13- 600x300x150 mm

Round Kerbstones

  • K13- 600x300x150 mm
  • K14- 300x450x150mm
  • K15- 600x250x150mm
  • K16- 300x350x150 mm
  • K17- 300x300x150mm
  • K18- 450x300x100 mm