Paving Blocks

As a renowned grass pavers manufacturer, Pavers India is dedicated to providing top-quality products that redefine outdoor aesthetics. Our extensive collection of paving blocks offers a wide range of options to suit diverse needs and design preferences.

Innovative Design: Grass Pavers for Green Landscapes

Among our standout offerings are the innovative grass pavers. These unique blocks seamlessly combine functionality and visual appeal, allowing you to create stunning driveways, walkways, or parking areas while incorporating green spaces. The paving blocks not only provide effective drainage but also promote the growth of lush, natural turf. With their exceptional load-bearing capacity, these paver blocks ensure durability and sustainability for your landscaping projects.

Our relentless focus on superior expertise and meticulous attention to detail has made us one of India's most trusted grass pavers manufacturers. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or landscape architect, our paving blocks are specifically designed to meet your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of both form and function.

The Modulars

Pavers has introduced one of the best paving with use of different sizes of paving blocks called modules. Best suited for Pedestrian/ Roads / driveway.

  • abcd
  • Jaguar Motinagar

The Matt

MATT is unique combination of rustic look with stunning colours to enhance any road or driveway. They are anti-skid.

  • Matt-1


They are perhaps aesthetically best pavers with regard to colours, finish and shapes available. Best suited for Parking, shopping malls, society roads, school/ colleges, amusement parks etc.

  • ST. Xavier's School


They are tough ones and are meant for petrol pumps, containers depots, highways, industries etc.

  • Agarwal Packers
  • Church Road, Vasant Kunj
  • 80mm Pavers

Grass Pavers

They let grass grow in voids and impart a green Grass Pavers soothing touch to any project. Best suited for open parking, societies and residential projects.

  • Gulshan Homz
  • CLEO County


Mingle is a result of hard work and innovation to bring out this unique blended range. It's unique color variation gives it a look that gives it upper edge than common paving blocks. Different color variations like smoke grey/black and dholpur/dark brown are popular and more can be created as per your imagination.


We have an automatic shot blasting unit which produces texture as designed by landscape architects. Rugged colorful stone chips are arranged from various states making it most favourable among landscape architects.

  • Appu Ghar water Park
  • Logix city center Mall
  • Bati Logistics park, jhajjar


Our Cobbles are replica of natural cobbles and come with various options like square, flagstones and arch rock. They are aesthetically marvelous and common in European countries.

  • 200*200*60mm Select City Walk Mall
  • 100*100*60mm