Saucer Drains & Drain Covers

Saucer Drains

We provide numerous shapes and sizes to assist your surface water drainage. Products are designed keeping in mind nature of project and traffic conditions.

  • 300x300x100 mm
  • 300x450x100 mm
  • 600x450x100 mm
  • 600x300x100 mm

Drain Covers

Plain and perforated Drain covers are available as per your site needs. Reinforcement and perforations are designed as per surface water drain off and traffic expected.

  • Prateek Edifice
  • 600x450x70-100 mm
  • 600x450x65 mm
  • 600x450x54 mm

Slit Drains

It's the neatest aesthetically wise option for water drainage. The slit at top drains water, has an anti-clogging shape and facilitates cleaning. Joints should be sealed with cement mortar and drain should be laid on well compacted sub-base. Best suited for driveways, malls, infrastructure projects etc. Grade of concrete used is M3O and is suitably reinforced.

  • 1000x250x250 mm
  • Dlf cyber park
  • M3M Golf Estate
  • M3M Cornerwalk Mall